Watching professional boxers in the ring is an exhilarating experience, with their lightning-fast combos, expert footwork, and bobbing and weaving to evade their opponents. Not only is boxing a fantastic way to improve your fitness, but it also empowers you and provides enjoyment from learning new techniques.

Our trainers are committed to helping boxers of all levels build a strong foundation by covering the essentials of footwork, striking, defense, and evasion, as well as practical applications for real fights.

About the instructor.

Coach Chris Essiambre is a passionate and experienced martial artist with over a decade of training at N1 Thai and five years of teaching under his belt. His love for martial arts and helping people achieve their health and athletic goals is evident in his fun and engaging approach to teaching his boxing classes.

Students interested in joining Chris's classes can expect a fun and challenging environment where they will learn the fundamentals of boxing and improve their cardiovascular endurance. As they progress, they will also develop advanced techniques such as footwork, head movement, fight strategy, and eventually sparring.

Requirements for those interested in the technical sparring class on Saturdays include mouth guards and appropriate sparring gloves. Although headgear can be provided, students are welcome to bring their own. Full sparring permission will require approval from the coach.

Above all, Chris's goal is to be the best coach his students have ever had. His dedication to his craft and his students' success is what sets him apart. Join Chris's boxing classes at N1 and see for yourself how he can help you achieve your goals and beyond.