Guideline to be a great student

The first class is always free for prospective students. You can tour the facility and trial a class to find out what makes us such a great place to train.


Show up 15 mins before class with your hands wrapped, and skipping rope and water bottle ready. Please refrain from talking or making noise while the coach is instructing. Chatting with your friends on the sidelines while the coach is talking is distracting to those trying to focus.


During drills, open communication with your training partner is recommended. Discuss your level of experience and/or any injuries before beginning a drill. Check in with your partner throughout a drill. Be open to feedback to make sure your partner is comfortable.


Showing up regularly and often is the key to success.


Focus on technique before adding speed and power. We recommend a minimum of 3 days per week for recreational athletes to see progress.

Performance and Hygiene

Our group classes are often close-contact exercises, where athletes pair up with a partner. As a result, we ask that athletes:

  • arrive clean
  • wash and disinfect gear and uniform often
  • arrive with trimmed finger and toenails
  • remove jewelry and piercings before class
  • refrain from training if you aren’t feeling well, or have any contagious skin conditions


Leave your ego at home. Progress should be slow and steady. Feedback from coaches is in your interest. We train hard, and we progress together.