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Roberto Martinez | Founder TruStrength | Elite Personal Trainer

 Roberto Martinez | Elite Personal Trainer | Founder TruStrength 

Roberto was born and raised in Ottawa. He first became passionate about fitness when he was introduced to the martial arts. It really showed him the value of constantly being pushed passed your limits, and achieving your goals. Smuch so that he began to pursue a career in Personal TrainingHe started his journey by becoming a certified kettlebell instructor through the Kettlebell Training Academy.

He then proceeded to grow his knowledge by learning and perfecting the Functional Kinetic Assessment. Understanding the human body and helping people become injury free has always been his main objective.

Once he became confident with his skills and knowledge, he then went on to become Yoga Tune Up certified.

 Coach Kat | Elite Personal Trainer | Founder K.O 

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Katrina “Like the hurricane” O’Neill

Kat was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She was adopted at age 2 and was raised in Toronto and Ottawa. She was born with only 4 fingers on each hand and a hole in her heart. After having 3 major operations by the age of 6, she has grown up to be a competitive athlete, a University of Ottawa graduate in Psychology/Social Sciences and a successful Entrepreneur.

Kat believes in leading by example and challenging all of her clients to overcome any obstacles that come their way. With the right attitude, coaching and support, Kat is committed to helping you reach your goals through a holistic approach including Body, Mind and Spirit.


Areas of Focus:
Functional Kinetic Assessment (FKA)
Corrective Exercises / Mobility / Injury Prevention
Kettlebell Training
Yoga Tune Up®
Physiology of Relaxation; Guided Meditation and Yoga Nidra