Other Programs


Boxing provides a method for success both in direct and across disciplines. Students learn the footwork, defense, punches, combinations and gambits necessary to attain victory both in and out of the ring. You will learn to box, punch, move, counter and defend like a pro!


Mixed Martial Arts combines the various combative disciplines into a comprehensive whole. Strikes from standing, take downs and defense, transitions, submissions and strikes to and from the bottom provide the basic framework and a brief description of the discipline.


Sparring involves testing your developed skills against those of your teammates. Sparring opportunities are made available to students at the phase 2 level and above and ranges in intensity from light to heavy depending on your expressed goals and intentions. We are an active club and home to many amateur and professional fighters. Sparring is not mandatory. 

Open Gym

When the doors are open, you are welcome to train at the club. There is always action at the club, and you are always welcome. You are encouraged to come early and stay till closing. 

Aikido & Iaido

The classic Japanese martial art form, Aikido practitioners learn to redirect oppositional aggression to produce an effective resolution. Iaido involves controlled sword work and related skill development. Each discipline works to combine the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the individual into a unified whole.


Kali Silat and Pekiti Tirsia respectively: The real deal. Experienced and dedicated security professionals provide instruction in knife, stick, exotic weapon and empty hand applications. Membership is conditional.