Pro Team Chronicles 1.1 Sparring


@ N-1 Thai Boxing Academy 

We are proud to have many pro athletes that work with aspiring student to practise their new and old techniques as well as reinforce good habits. 


Over the next few months we would like to introduce you to our Pro Team as they are extremely beneficial to the growth and development of our students.



Steph< centre of picture >

A valued member of the N-1 family for several years ; Pro Athlete with 21 fights under his belt < 13 wins >. You will see Steph ringside with Kru Naaron, prepping and coaching many of our athletes ; he is a highly sought after member for sparring at the club.


Jay AKA "Monster"


"When it comes to developing a complete Muay Thai game, sparring is an essential element of Muay Thai. Sparring not only improves your offensive and defensive timing, it can also build physical and mental toughness.

Different types of sparring work on different aspects of your game. Technical sparring can help you develop your timing and technique, while hard sparring can help prepare you for a fight." <>



N-1 Sparring is available every Friday Night. Call us for more information for more details.


Naaron F
Naaron F