How to Wrap your Hands

August 09, 2017

Do you look around and wonder why so many of your fellow students wear hand wraps while training? 



Wrapping your hands before you put on your gloves will ensure that your knuckles and wrists are protected when you punch.

It is important to protect yourself from spraining your wrist, brushing your knuckles or hands and other injuries especially when training regularly. 

Here is a video tutorial by Kru Naaron from many years ago , please take the time to learn how to wrap your hands - if you are having difficulty ask one of staff to show you how! 

Damien Trainor Interview

June 01, 2017

We had the pleasure to sit down with Muay Thai Legend Damien Trainor after our weekend seminar at N-1 Thai Boxing Academy .

Damien Trainor is sought after internationally for his Muay Thai knowledge and expertise. We regularly read and refer to his blog and recommend all Muay Thai enthusiasts to check it out  . 


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